Brush Strokes

I do not usually explain my drawings.

Actually, I like the fact that everyone has their own interpretation. In fact, sometimes they have no meaning, they are just reflections of a moment of beauty, of a movie, or a beautiful memory that I want to capture. Today I will try to give my interpretation of Brush Strokes.

This drawing is about transformations. At some point in our lives it is necessary to stop, look at ourselves and to understand where we are and that what we do is exactly what is best for us at the present time.

It has happened to me several times and, although we do not always realize that «awakening» when it arrives, it can be something magical or even painful. The most important thing is that when you discover it, you realize that everything is in your hands, that you can change what you do not want. An image of that is brush strokes; movements which give color to yourself and make your life what you really want.

©Eryka Ilarreta 2021